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Conservation Programs

KLT works hard to build a conservation legacy that significantly benefits the public —now and forever— by preserving lands of high ecological, agricultural, scenic, recreational or historic value KLT focuses mainly on land within the State of Kansas. 

Photo by Edward C. Robinson III

Photo by Edward C. Robinson III

We are particularly interested in protecting the following:

  • Lands that contain endangered, threatened or rare species or natural communities
  • Wetlands, floodplains and other lands necessary to protect water quality
  • Prairies, woods and other native communities
  • Ecosystems of educational or scientific value, and parcels of land located nearby or within important wildlife or natural area corridors, or that that buffer already protected areas
  • Lands of agricultural, forestry, hydrological, geological or wildlife habitat significance.

The KLT programs listed below reflect the values and priorities of our community. We invite you to join us in growing these programs. The work we do collectively requires time and resources. Help us to develop additional opportunities to protect the lands, cultures and lifestyles that Kansans love. 

Donate a Conservation Easement

KLT encourages landowners with property that contains some or all of the features listed above to consider working with us to donate to KLT a conservation easement on some or all of your property. The effect of donating a conservation easement is to permanently limit or eliminate unwanted development on the land. We will work with you to achieve your vision for how you want your land to be used — forever. And you may be able to take advantage of favorable tax provisions when you donate a conservation easement to KLT. For more information, contact Jerry Jost, KLT’s Executive Director.