Thanks to Bruce Hogle for these photographs of KLT conservation easements!

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Conservation Tools

The list below outlines just a few ways we can work together.

 For more information on these and other conservation resources, email us at or call us at 785-749-3297.

Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is:

  • A tool for landowners to realize their long-term vision for their land;
  • A cost-effective way to conserve high-value lands, while allowing a landowner to retain ownership and control of his or her land.
  • A voluntary partnership between a landowner and a conservation organization.
  • A legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that limits future development of the land. Only activities that preserve the conservation values of the land are allowed. 
  • Can provide a landowner with significant economic support through federal income tax benefits, and sometimes through direct cash payments to a landowner.

Landowners can donate conservation easements to KLT, and KLT offers some programs with funding to purchase conservation easements.

KLT has over 26 years of experience in working with interested landowners to develop a conservation easement for their land that achieves the landowner’s vision and dream for permanent land protection. Learn more about conservation easements here. Visit this link for more information on KLT’s conservation easement programs.

Land Stewardship

Like any valuable asset, land requires care and management to permanently preserve its important qualities.

KLT and the landowner work together as stewards of the lands to be preserved.

KLT also monitors protected lands over time, as the land changes ownership, to assure that the conservation values of each unique property remain in place.

Land Restoration

When holding a conservation easement on private lands, KLT can provide landowners with information and expertise on restoring lands with threatened or real impacts to the conservation values of the land.

Restoration efforts might include the control and removal of invasive species, tall grass prairie restoration, animal species identification and protection resources, native plant identification and restoration and other land restoration techniques. Such restoration efforts are significant to assuring that valuable native lands and creatures will have a permanent place in the Kansas landscape.

Donated Lands

For some landowners, the best method of guaranteeing that the land they love will be forever protected is to donate the land to a qualified organization, like KLT.

Donations can include all or just a part of the landowner’s property. For more information on donating land for conservation purposes, please call the KLT office at 785-749-3297.

Conservation Policy

KLT works with other conservation organizations in Kansas and nationally to encourage local, state and federal governments to adopt land use and management decisions that will assure responsible growth that is compatible with the protection of our State’s most valuable natural and historic resources and farm and ranch lands.