Conserve Your Land

Do you have a special place that you want to preserve for your children and grandchildren? Perhaps your land contains rare species of native plants, unique wildlife habitat, or natural buffers to help keep our rivers and streams clean. Or maybe you are part of our robust agricultural community, with productive grazing or cultivated lands. These lands, and the lives they sustain, are the essence of our natural and cultural heritage—and they are critical to the health and well-being of all Kansans. You can help protect and preserve these critical areas for future generations of Kansans by partnering with KLT on land conservation. 

KLT’s conservation priorities include:

  • lands that contain endangered, threatened or rare species of natural communities;
  • wetlands, floodplains and other lands necessary to protect water quality;
  • prairies, woods and other native communities;
  • ecosystems of educational or scientific value, and parcels of land located nearby or within important wildlife or natural area corridors, or that buffer already protected areas;
  • lands of agricultural, forestry, hydrological, geological or wildlife habitat significance.

If KLT’s conservation priorities are important to you, we can work together to achieve our common goals by preserving your land for the future. KLT can work with you to conserve your land through a conservation easement. Click on this link for more information on conservation easements. Contact Jerry Jost, Executive Director, for further information. We need your help to ensure that future generations of Kansas experience the beauty of Kansas that we enjoy today. Conserving lands is vital to the health, well-being and quality of life of Kansans today, and for years to come.