Douglas County

Earles (2009) 134 acres.

The Earles easement protects upland oak-hickory and several acres of post oak-black jack woodlands, the latter woodlands being rather rare for northeast Kansas. These wooded areas provide unique habitat for reindeer moss, white moss, and maiden-hair ferns. The property is located immediately southeast of Douglas County State Lake and near the Wall, Breidenthal, Rice, and Boyd Preserves.

The Earles easement extends the protection of the Baldwin Woods, a historical stand of broad-leaf deciduous forest in southern Douglas County. The easement features many beautiful trails, several ponds, and a small acreage of brome and potential horticultural cropland. 

Olson (2004) 51 acres

This easement protects gently sloping grazing land located in a rapidly developing area outside of Lawrence. This property possesses natural, scenic, and open space values. 

Akin (1994) 16 acres

KLT’s very first conservation easement, and the first established in the state of Kansas, the Akin Prairie was protected in 1994. This splendid 16-acre tract native wildflower prairie was protected as a memorial to Dorothy Akin and her love of colorful prairie wildflowers. An iron fences surrounds a small memorial to Mrs. Akin. Her surviving husband, Tom, and their children donated the conservation easement to KLT. The easement stands as an enduring testament to the generous individuals who made this protection possible. The prairie has hosted numerous wildflower walks over the years because of its high quality and diversity of plant species. It provides a wonderful setting to identify prairie grasses and wildflowers and to hear the interesting lore surrounding them. The tract provides natural, scenic, open space, ecological, and educational values.

Hillesheim (2002) 61 acres

This property includes thirty-five acres of replanted prairie, fourteen acres of which is available for future organic agricultural use. Woods on the property provide an ecological and viewshed buffer to nearby Clinton Lake and the adjacent federal land.

Nasseri/Givechi (1994) 1 acre

This easement protects a native tallgrass prairie of biological significance and has natural and ecological values.  Mead’s milkweed, a plant species listed as threatened by federal agencies, has been found on the property.


Hamilton (2013) 276 acres.

This easement protects 276 acres of prime farmland in Douglas County. This property includes 200 acres of Class II soils and an important forested riparian buffer along the Kansas River.

Hollowell (2009) 49 Acres.

This property's native prairie and replanted native grasses provide an important vegetative riparian buffer for the Deer Creek arm of Clinton Lake, which in turn help naturally filter the drinking water for the residents of Douglas County. This easement also protects open space providing a wonderful scenic view of Clinton Lake.

Lichtwardt (2001) 37 acres

This easement is part of a 100-acre nature preserve owned by the City of Lawrence.  It features public hiking trails. This easement protects an oak-hickory woodland with steep ravines and a tributary of Baldwin Creek, and contains an ecologically significant savannah as well as unique limestone outcroppings.  The entrance to this park is 1680 East 1100 Road, Lawrence, KS 66044.

Guess (2002) 30 acres

The Guess easement protects high quality native tallgrass prairie, restored prairie, and upland woods. The prairie features a wide variety of species including Mead’s milkweed, a federally threatened plant species. The property also contains riparian woods and two intermittent streams.

Kelly/Varvil (2002) 14 acres

This property adjoins the Lichtwardt easement and protects agricultural, forest, and greenspace values. The parcel is now part of a 100-acre public park owned by the City of Lawrence featuring hiking trails and open to annual nature walks and other educational activities.

Allen (1997) 162 acres

The Allen easement includes approximately sixty acres restored to native prairie grasses as well as approximately one hundred acres of agricultural land. Historic stone walls can also be found.