Kansas Land Trust Notes

Our Landowners Make a Difference

Many of our 59 preserved places are privately owned. Our landowner partners provide the care and management of their land. KLT holds the development rights so that these prairies, hay meadows, fields, and wildlife habitats remain preserved as open space. 

Marilyn Lindsay donated her conservation easement in Wabaunsee County in 2010. The Fritz family later purchased this land and restored a pond and a prairie. After several years of tree and shrub removal, they have restored a beautiful little hay meadow!


The Fritz family restored a farm pond providing water to wildlife.

A restored prairie on the Lindsay conservation easement.

Challenge Pledge

Thanks to our KLT friends who helped match most of our summer challenge pledge. We were able to reach 75% of our $5,000 goal. Working together we are able to leave a conservation legacy for future generations! 

Thanks, Liz!

Thanks to Liz Miller for her service and guidance on the KLT Board of Directors for the past three years! 

Notes on Nature

We have passed the summer solstice and the sumac seedheads are now turning red. For more observations on our changing flora and fauna, please visit Ken Lassman's Kaw Valley Almanac.

Thanks for your ongoing support of our conservation work!

Jerry Jost
Interim Executive Director
Kansas Land Trust