Osage County

Wehrle (2009) 197 acres

The Wehrle easement protects 162 acres of native prairie with the remaining 36 acres being woodlands and riparian areas. The native prairies will be managed as hay meadows further enhancing the quality of the prairie. The Wehrle easement has 90 acres of prime farmland soils with an additional 86 acres containing soils of statewide importance. This easement prohibits any residential buildings, enhancing the open space quality of this protect land. 

Russell (1998) 53 acres

The Russell tract includes approximately thirty-one acres of native prairie as well as six acres of naturally regenerated wildlife habitat, harboring a significant diversity of plant species, and approximately sixteen acres of cropland, which has a long history of farming and haying. The Russell easement has ecological, scenic, agricultural, open space, and educational values. 


Evans 1 and 2 (2014) 860acres

These two easements protect 860 acres of tall grass prairie with productive habitat for greater prairie chickens. Lead plant, Nuttall’s sensitive briar, and roundhead lespedeza found within the prairie indicate a quality prairie ecosystem.