2018 Annual Report

 Message from Debra Baker, KLT Board President

The Akin easement has hosted numerous wildflower walks over the years because of its high quality prairie and diversity of plant species.

Even threats of a May tornado didn’t stop us from celebrating the 28th birthday of KLT at the beautiful Thellman farm in northeast Douglas County. Then on a hot and sunny day in June we dedicated the 77 acre Paintbrush Prairie easement in Anderson County. This native prairie gem presented attendees the opportunity to see firsthand the increasing population of the threatened Mead’s Milkweed along with many other showy and more humble - but just as important - native forbs and grasses. Spring, summer and fall were filled with opportunities for hundreds of our members and the public to participate in bird, geology and wildflower walks on other protected lands. 42 disc golf enthusiasts competed for prizes in the 5th annual disc golf tournament held on the 114 acre Stueck easement in Johnson County. We love sharing the beauty and uniqueness of KLT’s conservation easements which now total 38,746 acres of protected lands – a conservation footprint comparable to the size of the city of Topeka.

Participation in the WEALTH Day events at the capitol, along with numerous community presentations and partner meetings, allowed us to strengthen and expand our alliances as we strive to advance land conservation in Kansas. Recognition of our commitment to our easement donors to protect their lands in perpetuity continues to be a foundation for much of our more behind the scenes work. We participated in Generous Change seminars that guided us on how to engage funders and increase our financial stability. We continue to work with Keating Associates to invest and manage existing stewardship funds. We completed the process to maintain our accreditation status with the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, ensuring that best professional practices support our work. As always, we monitored all of our easements throughout the year.

KLT completed work on a succession plan to ensure smooth operations in the event of a sudden, unplanned absence of our Executive Director and to plan for smooth transition of future staff to carry on KLT functions. We’ve also conceived an exciting new project to tell and record KLT’s history and have begun a series of videos to document it.

This work could not be accomplished without help from our impressive interns and volunteers. Finally, all of you - our members - show us through your continued financial contributions and attendance at events that we are supported by your conviction and desire to protect significant Kansas landscapes. The KLT board and staff thank you for your confidence and pledge even better outcomes in the coming year!


2018 Financial Report


2018 Contributors


Leaving a Conservation Legacy for Future Generations

Remembering KLT in your will or estate plans makes a lasting contribution to land preservation. It can also provide tangible benefits to you or your family through income tax deductions, favorable tax treatment of appreciated securities and/or estate tax savings. For more information on planned giving, please visit www.klt.org/plannedgiving/ or contact Jerry Jost at (785) 749-3297.


The following donors made contributions to the Kansas Land Trust in honor of the following individuals.

Donor's Name

Myrl Duncan

Robert and Martha Ward

Cathy Reinhardt

Ginger Chance

Molly Mead Wood , Esq.

Rick Mitchell

Chick and John Hood

Ann Simpson

M. Ruth Fine

In Memory/Honor of

Bev Worster

Bill Ward

Elizabeth Schultz

Herschel C. Spurgeon WWII

Harold P. and Julia T. Wood

Laurie Turrell Ward

Laurie Ward

Laurie Ward, and Sarah and Ray Dean

Robert and Glenna Streeter