Sharing Love for the Land 

The Kansas Land Trust protects and preserves lands of ecological, agricultural, scenic, historic, or recreational significance in Kansas. Our mission is to preserve both agricultural and natural landscapes, across the state of Kansas.


“When my wife and I lived in Vermont, we became accustomed to hiking on land owned by the Federal and State government and the Vermont Land Trust. Such opportunities are not as plentiful in Kansas, which makes the mission of KLT all the more important.” – Matthew Holtkamp, KLT volunteer


“Your support of the Trust has a strong parallel to the rhizomes of the prairie grasses. They sustain life, growth and perpetuate the landscapes we love that give shelter and nourishment to wildlife, the grasses, and forbs.” - Bob Haines, Landowner


“It is a wonder to watch the enormous progress over the past 30 years, starting with pre-incorporation and our fight in Topeka to make the ability to convey conservation easements a reality.  – Steven Hamburg, KLT board member and president 1990 – 1993